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I didn’t know what Instagram was at the start of 2017. In no time, I learned what it was. Largely a medium to share our common interests. If you are reading this, it is most likely our shared love of cars.

For 2 years, I have been wanting to take Instagram to the next level. Having larger photos, and the ability to flick through a variety of photos in an easier way than on our phones. Instagram can be impersonal but I like to give a little of my personality in my posts and chats. I have met some of you lovely car peeps, and formed some great friendships too. Sold some of my rides, and even had the odd date.

I don’t have any format for content or publication dates. But I do have about 90,000 car pics to share as many as I can. I will share my Instagram Tips, stories of my Car’s Histories and Interviews with some of my Car Collector pals.

I’ve created a publication that has never been created before. More Coffee Table Book than Magazine. Coffee Table Book pages (170gsm) with a high gloss finish. My (ever changing) Top 16 are full colour pages; 408 other pics will be 1/4 page pics; each with a random hashtag that is simply the first thought that came to mind when viewing my proof. Coffee Table Books look nice, but gather dust on the table or shelf. My Bookazine will be a premium 400gsm soft cover and back. One you can take on the tube to work; on your lunch break, in bed, on holidays…..

The size will be a unique 23cm x 23cm, and 150 pages inside. Each Volume will be limited to 1,500 copies. I will hand number each and every copy, and if you wish, I will hand write your Instagram name.

I finessed many drafts over 6 months. I changed the paper several times to ensure the highest quality pics. I insisted on key sample pages in the actual material. The yellow feature pages were held against the Yellow Rolls in Zoom meetings. I still wasn’t pleased, so my pot of sample paint (‘Champagne’) was sent special delivery and then compared against my car in a Zoom call.

A hybrid between a limited edition piece of Art, a Magazine and a Coffee Table Book.

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions you have, as I am mostly producing these for you. I hope you like Volume 1..

And finally, a Thank you to the team at BCQ Group. I have been an easy client, as I have known exactly what I wanted, and shunned any small suggestions. They have been very patient with my exacting requests. So thanks guys. One face to face pre Lockdown, and the rest done via Zoom/Teams.

Please enjoy..